SOY Sihteeri Robert Björkenheim,
PL 49, 00501 Helsinki,


The 17th Finnish-Austrian Orthopaedic Trauma Course 2013

Surgical treatment of chronic AC joint dislocation
Kaisa Virtanen, Ville Remes, Vesa Savolainen, Jarkko Pajarinen, Jan-Magnus Björkenheim, Mika Paavola

Refixation of the distal biceps tendon with endobutton and tenodesis screw - preliminary results
 FJ Seibert, Katharina Albert, St Schwarz

Collagenase Clostridium Histiolyticum in the Treatment of Dupuytren's contracture
Jarkko Vasenius

Treatment of Lateral Tibial Plateau Fractures - Do We Need Arthroscopy?
Markus Parkkinen, Rami Madanat, Tatu Mäkinen, Antti Mustonen, Seppo K Koskinen, Jan Lindahl

Preoperative planning of proximal tibial fractures
Matej Cimerman, Anze Kristan, Matevz Tomazevic

Medial Condyle Fractures of the Tibia
Markus Parkkinen, Tatu Mäkinen, Rami Madanat, Antti Mustonen, Seppo K Koskinen, Jan Lindahl

Minimal invasive dorsal plate osteosynthesis of the tibia - are nerves and vessels at risk? An anatomical Study.
Stephan Grechenig, Norbert Peter Tesch, Hans Clement, Michael Plecko, Wolfgang Pichler

Patient injuries in the treatment of ankle fractures in Finland
Eero Hirvensalo, Jarkko Pajarinen, Jan Lindahl and Mikko Ovaska

Treatment of ankle fracture requires stability to maintain alignment of the talus
Pakarinen Harri, Savola Olli

The syndesmotic positioning screw - retrospective CT evaluation
FJ Seibert, W Winterheller, H Neugebauer, Nussmüller

Many methods to treat a syndesmosis injury - are any of them superior?
Olli Savola, Neil Chotai and Harri Pakarinen

Outcomes after Total Ankle Replacement
Alexej Barg, Markus Knupp and Beat Hintermann

My technique for tibiotalar arthrodesis (with loss of bone stock)
Oliver Michelsson

Posttraumatic medial ankle instability
Alexej Barg, Markus Knupp, Beat Hintermann

Injured Limb - Amputation or salvage?
Bakota Bore

How does age, degeneration and osteoporosis affect fixation method of thoracolumbar fractures?
Kati Kyrölä

Preoperative planning of pelvic and acetabular surgery
Matej Cimerman, Anze Kristan, Matevz Tomazevic

Sacral fractures
Jan Lindahl

Knee dislocation
Jan Lindahl

Percutaneous fixation of acetabular fractures: Computer assisted determination of safe zones, angles and lenghts for screw insertion
Wolfgang Pichler, Paul Pauchwein, Hans Clement, Christoph Grechenig, Wolfgang Grechenig

Groin pain in athletes - modern perspective
Mario Staresinic

Proximal Hamstring Avulsion - Anatomy, Cause of Injury, Surgical treatment and Post-operative Treatment Protocol
Mikko Heinänen

Total hip arthroplasty: Choice of the implant
Mikko Manninen

Injury prevention in WC alpine ski racing
Eero Hyvärinen

Why ACL reconstruction fails?
Kim A Jansson

Managing traumatic joint lesions - indications and options for cartilage repair
Teemu Paatela